Course Overview

The TRUE Leadership Path Project is designed to support you in building your leadership skills. Our goal is to take you through building your own unique path to become a TRUE Leader, guided by your personal strengths, your values and personality. We have developed a course that we believe will give you the key knowledge and skills you need to be successful as a leader.

We have designed this as a self-paced course, that can be comfortably completed in 8 weeks. A bit sooner if you have the time available, or longer, if you are balancing lots of other time commitments in your life.

This is how we will get there together.

Imagine you are this woman standing at the edge of the path looking out to the horizon. Your goal is to get to the rainbow lit lake in the distance.

Step 1: The Trailhead

Begin to plan your path.

The Trailhead - This is where you make a commitment to this work. Learn about leadership myths and your leadership style. You will be introduced to the 4 pillars of being a T.R.U.E. Leader and learn to better assess the level of trust you have in yourself and others. You will create your plan for building TRUST.

Step 2: Scanning the Landscape

Identifying where you are first.

In Scanning the Landscape, you will learn about how to frame your thinking and how different types and interactions of power call for a reframing of that thinking. You will be able to assess a culture that you are in: the power structure, and be better informed and be better-informed and make more effective decisions. Learn about Complexity Theory and the impact external influencers have on our organizations and how we lead today.

Step 3: Partners on the Path

Build the T.E.A.M. you want to be part of!

Partners on the Path - Is all about T.E.A.M.s. The ones you work with or lead now, and the T.E.A.M.s you want to work with. Learn how to assess a T.E.A.M.’s culture and effectiveness. Hear from an architect of team culture about her work in assessing and building high performing teams. Meet a leader in higher education and her leadership work in the field of fundraising as one of the few women of color in this work nationally.

Step 4: Traveling on the Path Together

Leading rapid change.

In Traveling on the Path Together...leading rapid change is a critical part of leader's work today. Explore and understand your own implicit bias and how it may affect your work and decision making. Create your own value structure and create a plan to live those values in your leadership work. Explore the Strategic Thinking Protocol©, and how to utilize it effectively to create high performing T.E.A.M.s.

Step 5: Leading Change

Being a strategic thinker and leader.

Leading Change is about being a strategic thinker. In this module you will be immersed in change...the pace of it, how to identify it, and lead it. Learn how to lead change more effectively. Evolve from being a manager to a T.R.U.E. Leader. Learn how to lead an effective process to implement lasting change.

Step 6: Turn Around and Give a Hand Up

Building leaders within your T.E.A.M.

Giving a Hand Up is about coaching, mentoring, and teaching others. Develop a systemic understanding of best practices and create better communication among your T.E.A.M. to build trust and confidence with each other. Create an annual plan for productivity, no matter what industry you are in. Learn from an inspirational leader about her journey from housekeeper to CEO of a major healthcare system!

Step 7: Roadblocks

Getting it done when no one else can.

Overcoming Roadblocks will align your leadership style, so you are an effective coach and mentor. You will develop your coaching approach, leadership structure, and personal statement of strategic intent. Learn about loyalty and abuse of power and the effect these have on performance. Learn from a woman who leads every day without a title, in one of the top media markets in the country.

Step 8: Two Trails Diverged in the Woods

Planning for the next leadership challenge.

Two Trails Diverged in the Woods and I-- I took the one least traveled by. Last, but not least, you will finalize your personal statement of strategic intent, learn to plan backwards, and how to better evaluate your next boss - or those you follow. Identify the mistakes new leaders make and how to avoid them. Learn how to give effective feedback that builds trust across an organization. We will explore new ways to source talent to create more diverse and equitable T.E.A.M.s and organizations.

Additional Resources

  • Coaching

    Unlimited access to questions and answers from Dr. Robinson in the private Facebook group, and 1-1 coaching access during the course to answer individualized questions to support your success and help you to become a TRUE Leader!

  • BONUS Materials

    Each module has a myriad of books, articles, websites, and videos that provide a deep and wide breadth of information on all the topics covered in the course.

  • A Comprehensive Manual

    Designed to be printed and/or downloaded to your computer - the manual outlines all the course objectives, exercises resources, and lessons covered in the course.