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Do you feel you don't have enough leadership experience?

We have support and resources for all facets of planning, executing, and succeeding as a leader.

We have been there and struggled to figure out how to plan, execute, and succeed in being the leader-- we always knew in our hearts we could be.

We are on a mission to help women to become leaders who excel in their careers, build trust with their teams, and are ready to take the next step in their leadership development.

If you want to learn how successful women leaders reach their highest potential, The T.R.U.E.™ Leadership Path is designed for you.


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Is this the first time you have managed a team, and are struggling to know what to do first?

This program will help you to develop a path that is unique to your needs and aspirations. You will discover your leadership style, how others view you and what, if any bias, you bring with you on this journey.

We will help you to build skills that help you to focus on fair and consistent assessment, how to reframe your viewpoint to build a better strategy, develop active listening habits, and build bridges across differences.

Do you feel like you are overlooked for leadership opportunities?

This course is built by a T.R.U.E.™ Leader who has watched women become the majority demographic in her profession, yet there has been almost no growth in women seated at the top table of leadership.

Dr. Robinson has a unique perspective on becoming a T.R.U.E.™ Leader, coach, and mentor. She knows firsthand that the path to being a successful leader can have incredibly unique obstacles and challenges for women.

Through trial and error, research and eventually earning her doctorate from Florida Atlantic University in Educational Leadership – Strategic Leadership, she has led others and herself down a path not often travelled to reach top fundraising positions in higher education advancement.

In a field that is 70% female but still only 20% female leaders, Dr. Robinson is passionate about changing those numbers! The lack of diverse leaders is even more distressing! Changing the numbers, defeating the biases, and changing the perceptions of who is a T.R.U.E.™ Leader, is her passion and reason for developing this remarkable and life-changing program.